01. My little brother [bust] his arm when he fell out of the cherry tree.
02. The police [busted] him for possession of marijuana.
03. Marius has a [bust] of Beethoven on his piano to inspire him when he plays.
04. Hailey kind of slouches over because she is self-conscious about her big [bust].
05. The firemen had to [bust] the door down to get to those trapped in the basement.
06. Our company went [bust] after oil prices went up because we could no longer compete with American companies.
07. Why do you insist on driving after you've been drinking? I hope you get [busted]; then maybe you'll learn your lesson.
08. She had a [bust] of herself done by a local sculptor.
09. Freddie [bust] his leg while skiing, and is out for the season.
10. The actress had her [bust] reduced because her large breasts were giving her back pains.
11. The [busts] of ancient Rome were generally carved in marble, often using a wax death mask.
12. The cops [busted] a guy that I work with for starting a fight at a bar.
13. The temple is decorated with a series of [busts] depicting the various gods.
14. The police scored an important drug [bust] today with the arrest of a major cocaine supplier.
15. Actress Marlee Matlin once had a plaster [bust] made of her [bust] as a present for her boyfriend.
16. Josh Billings once said that the best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or [bust].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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